Darren Baker

Award winning, highly acclaimed classical realist painter, Darren Baker, achieved a BA (Hons) Art & Design degree at Bradford School of Art in 1998.

Darren BakerCommercial success and critical acclaim soon followed Darren’s graduation. When Darren was still only 23, he was chosen for a unique show of UK artists in New York and appointed official artist of the Professional Footballer’s Association. He has painted portraits of numerous sports stars and public figures. His portraits of Prince Charles and Tony Blair hang in St James Palace and 10 Downing Street, and he has most recently been given a most prestigious royal commission.

Darren also paints interiors, still-life, figurative, equestrian, landscapes, and ballet. He has exhibited widely and his paintings are highly sought after by private collectors and public galleries throughout the world. However Darran has retained his modest, unassuming manner. Darran has received numerous art awards including Best Artist at The Fine Art Trade Guild ceremony in London and The Garrick Prize, Christies, London.

“I really enjoyed my time at Bradford School of Art. It had a really nice family feel. I had great tutors in Howard Eaglestone, Colin Lloyd and Grant Devine. It was not just the tutors but all the staff that made the place so welcoming. I actually painted curator, Denis Wilson’s portrait and gave him the painting when I was a student.

I liked the fact it was pretty flexible. As a student I was looking at the Old Masters and using it in a contemporary way. It was an important stage in my development. I am still using the same attention to detail and still focussed on trying to make it as real as possible. Even seasoned art collectors say my work has a photographic quality. I think I have eyes like a hawk. I am blessed in the way I can see such detail.

My 3 years at Bradford College gave me discipline. I worked really hard and took that precision into my professional practices. Bradford is a great city, it has a great past and a great future and the College is a big part of that. I have been fortunate to paint many amazing people and I am looking forward to painting Her Majesty the Queen in October. I would like to capture her informal side.”

Photograph supplied by Darren Baker