Prepare to be impressed...

Becky Truman's stage costume Visitors expecting to see only photographs and biographical details about our Heroes have been astonished when they entered the Gallery and glimpsed the wealth of exhibits on display. We are immensely grateful to our Heroes, who have been incredibly generous in loaning some treasured objects and examples of their work.

The exhibition includes:

Alex Corina’s iconic Mona Lennon plus original art from Darren Baker, Clare Caulfield, Andy Goldsworthy, David Hockney, Frank Johnson (Hockney’s teacher); William Shackleton, John Sowden and work from renowned printamakers Ian Colverson and Burigude Zhang.

Costumes from the movie Elizabeth, Vogue and the most beautiful wedding dress you have ever seen from Ruth Caswell; exquisite creations from the 'Mistress of Stitch', Diane Bates and a fabulous theatre costume worn by Becky Truman.

Joanna Lyle’s chair and cushions decorated with Swarovski crystals direct from Milan; fabulous Wedgwood designed by Matt Harrison and ceramics and prints from Govinder Nasran.

Jewellery by Phillip StonerA stunning diamond ring made especially for the exhibition by designer jeweller, Phillip Stoner.

Junior Witter's boxing gloves, Lonsdale belt and WBC belt plus Olympic cycling and running kit from Yvonne McGregor and Tracey Morris.

Brendan Croker’s Weapons of Mass Distraction; Smokie Platinum disc and signed photos from Chris Norman; signed posters from Franz Ferdinand.

Testing equipment used by Sir Edward Appleton

Magical props and memorabilia from David Berglas and Shahid Malik plus puppets from David Bayliss.

Amazing photography from Steve Hanson and Alex Handley.

Books from our distinguished authors and original artwork from the forthcoming book Tail-End Charlie by Mick Manning

plus lots of College memorabilia, history and much much more…you can see highlights here.