Emilé Mangeolles

Founder of the Catering College in Usher Street, Emilé Mangeolles, began the highly successful Hospitality and Catering provision at Bradford College.

Emilé Mangeolles presents the Hnery Scott plate to a successful studentAfter serving in the merchant navy, sailing to Shanghai out of Antwerp on the SS Burgasland, Emilé began his catering career working at the Dorchester Hotel in London. He worked with the famous French chef, Auguste Escoffier and under another great classical French chef, Emilé Aymoz, who was Maitre Chef de Cuisines.

Emilé became a Regimental Sergeant Major in the catering division in World War II. He trained the army school of catering students in Ovenden, Halifax, travelled all over the UK to train the troops and also served in Italy. After demob, Emilé worked at Black Dyke Mills in Queensbury and then became the Catering Manager at the English Electric Company at Thornbury.

Emilé used to go to St James Market in Bradford to buy his fruit and vegetables for the restaurant, and knew a lot of the wholesalers in the market including Scott, Swithenbank, Taplin and Morrison; all hardworking men committed to make a success in their niche of the market.

Around 1967 Emilé had a vision of setting up a catering college in Bradford and so he contacted his associates from the wholesalers and told them of his plans. The businessmen of Bradford worked very hard, both spending time in planning and providing their own money for the benefit of the city to educate school leavers in Bradford. With the help of the Bradford Council, who provided a building in Usher Street, and the commitment of the wholesalers, a catering training establishment began. In order to encourage the students to do well in their training Emilé persuaded his friends from St James Market to donate a plaque or cup to encourage students to pass their exams.

Emilé’s daughter Pat worked as a florist and used to buy her flowers from Henry Scott, and eventually she got a job at Sanderson’s in Kirgate Market. Emile’ niece, Margaret Barraclough, now Margaret Price, was a catering student at Bradford College in 1972 and was presented with the Henry Scott Plate for Student of the Year; a prize her uncle had initiated. Margaret remembers her uncle with great affection. “He was always very dapper and absolutely immaculate. If you called at his house you would always find him looking like Noel Coward in a smoking jacket and a cravat!”

Photograph supplied by Margaret Price