Gloria De Piero

GMTV’s Political Correspondent, Gloria De Piero, studied A levels at Bradford & Ilkley Community
College and was elected President of the Students’ Union for a year in 1991.

Gloria De PieroWhile millions of GMTV viewers watch Gloria’s analysis of the latest political events and see her interviewing politicians each morning, few realise that she started asking MPs searching questions back in January 1992, as a student during the run up to the General Election.

As President of the College’s Student Union, representing 32,000 members, Gloria sent a 10 page questionnaire to each prospective parliamentary candidate for a Bradford seat. She urged students to use their vote, telling them “All the major political parties have education on their political agendas and they don’t want to lose the potentially hundreds of thousands of student votes. We can make a difference if we get more MPs in parliament who will defend education.”

She later launched a Student Rights Charter outside Bradford City Hall, calling for an end to loans and the restoration of the right to claim benefits. “As you can see from my current job, I have a bit of a passion for politics. It was a passion that began at Bradford College through my involvement with the Students’ Union. Though I really ought to have worked a bit harder on my A levels, the experience I got in so many other areas more than made up for that. From Bradford I went on to university in Birmingham but still kept up the politics. And after my studies, my passion became my full time job.”

After gaining a Masters degree in London she became a researcher for ITV’s Jonathan Dimbleby programme in 1997. Moving to the BBC she worked on a number of political programmes: On the Record, The Politics Show and Radio 4’s Westminster Hour. She became GMTV’s Political Correspondent in 2003.

“Bradford College was a great launch pad for all that I’ve done and 17 years on I still have friends that I met there.”

Photograph supplied by GMTV