Karl Atkinson

Founder/ editor of a College departmental magazine, The Engineering Student and president of the Engineers’ Cricket Team, Karl Atkinson, completed the College Diploma in Engineering in 1901.

Karl AtkinsonKarl commenced his studies at Bradford Technical College in 1899. On graduating, aged 20, he went to work for Atkinson Contractors, Kowhainiu, Pohonuiatane, New Zealand. Our enquiries have so far failed to disclose what happened to Karl then. We would welcome any details.

However thanks to generosity of Karl’s daughter, Miss JM Atkinson, who donated photographs and handwritten copies of 3 editions of the magazine so carefully edited by her father, we have fascinating insights into the lives of College students of the period.

Karl and the cricket team

The first edition proudly displayed a photograph of the Technical School specially taken for the magazine by a member of the committee – “We commend this photograph as a fine piece of art-science.”

Karl and other engineering students 1900Electrical engineering class 1900Photograph of the Technicahal School taken for the magazine