Lynne Burstall

Creative Director of Coast, Lynne Burstall, completed the Foundation in Art & Design and also studied the first year of the Fashion Diploma at Bradford College of Art in the early 1970s.

Lynne Burstall“It was 1972 and it was my first year out of Bolling Girls School when I was let loose on the Art Foundation course. It was a really exciting mixture of new interests, new people, great music and everything happening at once. Suddenly I was surrounded by hippies and long haired lads! It was all very creative and I thought it was amazing. I actually met my partner on the course and after all these years we are still together.

I always knew that I wanted to do fashion but what was great about the Foundation course was that it was a year devoted to art, print, photography, sculpture – everything, and there were lots of guest lecturers coming in. I remember doing an art deco project, which was really trendy at the time. I made a satin outfit with a sunburst on it and felt I had really achieved something. I also made a decorated plate which still sits on my shelf at home.

I then spent a year on the Fashion course at Bradford. I had originally turned down an offer to go elsewhere but later I realised that I wanted to have that freedom of going away and at the time the Bradford course wasn’t a degree.

After my degree in Fashion Design from Birmingham, I did a Masters at the Royal College of Art and then spent 7 months designing for Fiorucci in Milan. I then came home to work for Chelsea Girl, before going to Warehouse for 6 years. I spent a year setting up a business before going back with the guys who had set Warehouse up.

I was with Oasis from 1988 to 1998, and I am still with the group as Creative Director of Coast. I now apply an external eye to the business and oversee the creative identity of the brand.”

Photograph supplied by Coast