Matthew Harrison

Head of Design for Wedgwood, Matthew Harrison, completed the Foundation in Art & Design course at Bradford College in 1991.

Matt Harrison“My passion for ceramics began at Rhodesway Upper School whilst studying for an A level in ceramics, leaving in 1990 to further my education on the Foundation course at Bradford College. It was my first opportunity to experience a fun creative environment that gave me the freedom and space to experiment with new materials and techniques.

I remember the sculpture tutor expressing his thoughts that ceramicists were mad to labour over beautiful works of art to only then put it in a kiln taking the risk of unpredictable results...for me the very thing that makes ceramics exciting!

The Foundation course enabled me to experiment in different mediums, especially photography, and helped to broaden my design experience, allowing me to gain the opportunity of studying at Glasgow School of Art, where I graduated with First Class Honours in my BA (Hons) Design (Ceramics) degree in 1994. Whilst at Glasgow, I spent time with the Copenhagen School of Design, which gave me a wider insight into European design.”

Following a further 2 years of industrial ceramic Masters study at Staffordshire University, Matt gained invaluable experience at Halle University in Germany; on a student placement, with Kalha in Germany and also working for Queensbury Hunt Design Consultancy in London. Matt then took on a freelance contract with Wedgwood specialising in shape design, which evolved into a full time position in 1999.

Working extensively with the Far East markets in the early years lead to a Senior Designer role with special responsibility for Japan. This moved into a wider design management role in 2006, progressing to Head of Wedgwood and Johnson Brothers’ design in 2007.

“The seductive power of the Wedgwood brand never fails to capture my imagination to create beautiful objects. I hope to continue to divide my time between my love for ceramics and a love for hill walking and photography.”

Photograph supplied by Wedgwood